Print from Original Biro drawing ‘Heap’



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Print from Original Biro drawing ‘Heap’

Mounted and unframed 30.5 x 40.5 cm inc mount.

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Having grown up in rural Worcestershire, Elizabeth moved to Cardiff in 1999 to study for a BA (Hons) Degree in Fine art at Cardiff School of Art and Design. On completion she continued her studies to leave CSAD in 2006 with a Masters in Fine Art.

Up until 2010 Elizabeth exhibited large scale interactive installations as well as paintings and drawings before returning to her studies to gain a Masters in Arts and Health. This apparent shift was as a result of her on-going work supporting adults with learning disabilities which led to a series of residencies; running projects and workshops in therapeutic art.

Currently Elizabeth is nearing completion of a series of intricate pen drawings. Using biro, she fastidiously draws tangles of birds focusing on form and space.

On approach these drawings can appear an abstract mass, it is only when you get closer that the highly detailed subject emerges. The viewer’s immediate response tends to be a playful one, attempting to count the birds and identifying individual species. However beyond this superficial response these drawings can raise questions surrounding our constructed understanding of diversity in the natural world.

These birds, out of context, have become a form of abstract mark-making; rendering the purpose of the original illustrations void by manipulating scale and juxtaposing groups of birds impossible in terms of geography.