‘Quiet Moment’  Stone Resin Sculpture


Quiet Moment

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 ‘Quiet Moment’  Stone Resin Sculpture

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H 39.5 x W 21 x D 30 cm.

Weight 4.5 kg 

Stone-resin edition of 18

Also available in Bronze edition of 9: £3,750

‘I have been making sculpture for over thirty years and the process is still a delight to me. With every piece I make, I find the working process both comfortingly familiar and refreshingly surprising.

Although not the only subject I work from, the human form is the one I keep coming back to: the actual figure (in movement and at rest, clothed and unclothed) and the figure as depicted by other artists in any medium and at any phase in history.

I make semi-figurative sculpture, cast into either resin or bronze from originals which I make in plaster, clay, wax, cardboard, wood.
The materials I work with are as stimulating to me as the subject matter.
I live by the sea and collect driftwood, broken furniture, discarded plastic debris and other beach-found ‘stuff’, all of which regularly introduce new and unexpected vocabulary to explore.
I have made small and large sculpture entirely of found material. These are all foundry-cast by the traditional lost wax method.’