‘Ruth’ Bronze Resin

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‘Ruth’ Bronze Resin

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‘Ruth’ Bronze Resin

Limited Edition bronze resin garden sculpture 19/25

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H 38  x W 26 x D 34  cm

Featuring in our Hay Festival  Exhibition @ Old Chapel Gallery 2024 opening on Saturday May 11 ‘Of Poets and Madmen’

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Since childhood Angela has loved making things with her hands and doing all kinds of art, but she has had no formal art training. Her early career was in Biology before her children came along, and it wasn’t until the 1980’s that she discovered clay modelling and started to make sculptures from life. Over the years she has drawn much inspiration from the great sculptors of the past especially Rodin, Degas, Marini and the portrait busts of Epstein.

Angela works with a model directly from life as much as possible, hoping to capture some of the human qualities expressed by the body and to convey its beauty. Her sculpture is a direct response to the human form. ‘I find it fascinating the way the body expresses moods and emotions and I explore this in my work. I hope to catch through the inclination of the head or the tilt of the shoulders a spiritual connection with the humanity of the sitter and to express this through the wonderfully versatile medium of clay’.  ​ The sculptures are first modelled in clay, then a mould is made and they are cast into bronze resin by a technique using bronze metal powder mixed with a durable resin. The surface is given a patina by a process which accelerates the natural weathering of the bronze and produces some subtly beautiful colours.  ​ The sculptures are usually produced in editions of 20 and are suitable for indoor and outdoor display.