‘Silver Heart Earrings with Amethyst’


‘Silver Heart Earrings with Amethyst’

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‘Silver Heart Earrings with Amethyst’

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“I’ve loved making things all my life.  Sadly, and I think this is true for us all, there is never enough time to do all the things that I want to. I started making jewellery when my girls were small because I couldn’t afford to buy the jewellery that I liked. I want to be thought of creative and not just a jeweller.

I used to paint and that’s something I really look forward to doing again in the not too distant future, and as for the ceramics, I’ve been making it in a wonderful community pottery that we have in the village. I love making the china because it has a function, and to my eye at least, it’s nice to look at.  I see the jewellery as nice to wear and can even give happiness to the wearer.”