‘Silver Kimana Pendant Small


Silver Kimana Pendant Small

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Silver Kimana Pendant Small

Silver pendant detail 1 x .8 cm

16″ chain

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Hand made contemporary jewellery
Leoma say: “I use various motifs like butterflies, birds, leaves and flowers as symbols that become metaphors and allegories to depict memories, the fleeting nature of life and the journey of one’s life’s experiences. 
The objects act as references and the decorative qualities of the pieces then conceal the complexities of the content. I am now incorporating these motifs with solid shapes and stone setting for an even more abstract and contemporary feel.
I find my wearable jewellery and objects are influenced by each other and wearable pieces represent sentimentality which is enhanced by the intimacy created between objects and the body”.
Leoma uses saw piercing, shape forming and stone setting creating beautiful wing inspired jewellery. Leoma incorporates motifs with solid shapes and stone setting for an abstract and contemporary aspect. The black and white effect is contrasted with bright and unusually cut stones that complement each other perfectly.