Small Shino and Ash Bowl


Small Shino and Ash Bowl

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Small Shino and Ash Bowl


H 7 x ∅ 12 cm

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Whilst studying ceramic design at Staffordshire University in 2007, Alex travelled through Japan, spending some time with Numaguchi San, a 7th generation Jomon ware potter, learning traditional techniques and researching the aesthetic ideas that informed traditional British studio ceramics. Alex also worked under the guidance of master potter Kevin Millward learning traditional, industrial throwing techniques.

From his creation of refined, gas fired porcelain pieces reflecting the precisions of industrial production, to the expressive wood fired pieces that are more acutely related to the freedoms celebrated in the Japanese aesthetic, Alex’s work displays the energy and attributes of the materials and processes utilised to create balanced, honest pots.

“In my work I explore the relationships between the processes that make the piece and the effects they create, as well as the relationship between the pot and the user.

I make solely wheel thrown, high fired, porcelain and stoneware objects, with a functional purpose.

My aesthetic ideas are grounded in the traditions of British studio pottery which takes its inspiration of aesthetic idiom from Japanese culture.

In my pieces I attempt to attain a balance between my aesthetic purpose: to display and manipulate the properties of each stage of the creative process into a balanced confident piece. And my personal belief that the beauty of a pot is as much in its visual presence as it is in how it functions.

To me the communication between person and pot, though initially always visual, the tactile responses stimulated by its use are where a truer understanding and appreciation of the form, the pot and the potter’s personality lie.”