Stoneware Giraffe Sculpture


Stoneware Giraffe Sculpture

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Stoneware Giraffe Sculpture

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H 24″ x L 14″

Adrian says: ‘I try to capture the essence of the animal spending a long time observing, photographing and sketching the animal before I start to sculpt it. I am a regular at the West Midlands Safari Park where I take hundreds of photographs of each animal I intend to sculpt. I am fascinated by muscle structure and how the skin folds with movement which I try to capture in my work.

Adrian sculpts wild animals and also a range of dogs. In fact he is happy to create any animal to commission. Please email or phone for more details. Adrian will work from your photographs and his dogs include: whippet, blood hound, collie, bulldog, jack russel terrier and more.

Each sculpture starts from a number of thrown pots made on the potter’s wheel which are then left to go leather hard. They are then cut and assembled to get the basic shape, this gives a firm hollow body which is an ideal base to start. Clay is then added or removed, shaped and carved until it has come to life. They are then finished with oxides, raw materials, clay slips and his own glazes.