Stoneware Mixing Bowl Large in Green


Stoneware Mixing Bowl Large in Green

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Stoneware Mixing Bowl Large in Green

Shown here is the large mixing bowl 23.5 x13 cm

Mixing bowls are available in three sizes and are so useful in the kitchen. Perfect for making salad dressings, beating eggs or making cakes and batters and they stack neatly inside one another when they aren’t being used.

All Arwyn’s work is hand made and this means there may be subtle variations between each piece.

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Arwyn trained under Dave Scott at Loughborough College of Art & Design and graduated in 1995.

He works in what may be considered a traditional way, using the wheel to produce sound functional forms. The utilitarian wares of Spain and Portugal, and the deep and subtle glaze finishes achieved in the Far East forms the backbone of his inspiration.
He endeavour’s to create pieces with simplicity emanating primarily from function, and an elegance that is clearly derived from the Orient. His over riding intention is for the resulting wares to be undeniably functional and a pleasure to use.

All pieces are microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. His balanced, simple and functional collection includes a comprehensive range of oven and tableware including jugs, serving dishes, bowls, mugs, colanders, teapots and toast racks.

The sizes are: Small 14 x 8cm, Medium 18 x 10cm and Large 23.5 x13 cm.