‘Sugar Loaf Farm’


‘Sugar Loaf Farm’

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‘Sugar Loaf Farm’

Original Mixed Media Painting

Collect from gallery £220

Including UK delivery £240

Image 24 x 28 cm

Including 2 cm wide grey painted wood frame 38.5 x 42.5 cm.

Tim was born in Birmingham in 1962.

After leaving full time education, he decided to pursue a career in industry and was involved for 10 years in creating 3 dimensional prototypes. Meanwhile, with a passionate interest in art, he was already pursuing his hobby of painting watercolour. He was accepted by a number of prestigious galleries, including the mall Galleries and the RBSA galleries.

Tim is predominantly a landscape artist and took up painting full time in 1988 to devote himself to studying and capturing the atmosphere of his surrounding British countryside.

Since then he has acquired the technical skills of watercolour painting and has developed his own style capturing tonal contrasts and textures.

Tim now passes his knowledge and skills on to accomplished artists, teaching at a Birmingham college and also as a visiting lecturer to art societies in the Midlands.

He is a member of the Dudley Society of Artists, Birmingham Watercolour Society, The Swinford Painters and has recently been selected to join ‘The Easel Club’ which was founded in 1879.