‘Summer Storm’


‘Summer Storm’

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‘Summer Storm’

Original Acrylic on Board

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Image 29.3  x 29.3 cm

46 x 46 cm including 8.2 cm wide grey satin finish frame and 3.2 cm wide matt white slip

Allan is a full-time artist living in the beautiful border country of Herefordshire and Powys.

He was born in 1952. After five years of study at Swansea and Coventry (Lanchester) Art Colleges, he graduated with a BA in Fine Art (Painting) and embarked on a career as an illustrator in publishing. His professional painting career has since focussed on realist landscape painting.

He has recently extended his style to encompass a more “colourist” approach. The basis of his inspiration remains largely his love of light, colour and atmosphere in landscape. Having formerly spent many years living near the coast, he regularly returns to this subject matter.