‘Tapered Striped Medium Vessel’


‘Tapered Striped Medium Vessel’

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‘Tapered Striped Medium Vessel’

Hand built porcelain vessel decorated with stripes
Each vessel is individually made using porcelain, underglaze and transparent glaze.

They are built using thinly rolled out slabs and constructed to form the tapered shape.

H 11.2 x 5 cm sq at shoulders

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Since leaving college in 1998 Justine has been working solely with hand built porcelain- creating semi functional pieces. Her work addresses the boundaries between function and decoration. She look at objects that are used on a daily basis; like the form of a jug and create pieces that move away from function and are more concerned with the aesthetic and the visual.

Her work is very much concerned with the simplicity and beauty of the clay and incorporating pattern and texture as well as glaze to create subtle, unique variations. Thinness and movement are very important in each piece.

She is also fascinated by the transforming effect of light on the physical properties of porcelain. When a simple object is illuminated from within, subtle details become apparent and an ‘atmosphere‘ is created that transcends the object’s mere functionality. 

‘Justine Allison’s intricately made vessels are eloquent and uplifting. Effectively so because of their unassuming presence. Light is attracted to them, held, and radiates from them. There is a quietude to Justine’s work that reflects both the meditative process of its making and the grace of the finished forms. They are not perfect, they are precise. They have strong lines and soft colours. They are fixed forms that convey movement. They are vessels that make us hold our breath.’

‘I grew up, worked and lived in a busy part of London, and my work reflected that, as I drew inspiration from city life, (buildings, streets, windows, sounds). I now live and work in rural Wales, and encounter a different range of stimuli and exciting new chapters of explorationare opening up every day..’