Thick Necked Raku Fired Bottle


Thick Necked Raku Fired Bottle

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Thick Necked Raku Fired Bottle

Raku- Is a Japanese technique of firing ceramics.

Fumed copper oxide on Raku vases gives an infinite spectrum of exciting colours and surface qualities.

Not suitable for liquid

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H 13 x ∅ 7.8 cm

Bryony grew up playing in her father’s pottery Studio. Making pots became second nature at a very early age. After school she studied at Carmarthen CCTA Art College , specialising in fashion and textiles. This interest took her travelling to Sri Lanka and Thailand visiting ceramic and silk painting workshops.

On her return, she divided her working life between the pottery studio with her father and cooking in restaurants that specialised in international cuisine. Bryony has been doing this balancing act of having two careers for the last few years, however, she is now working full time in the studio and has taken over.

Bryony says: ‘I am currently producing matt lustre Raku vases in different sizes, my more recent work is a combination of Terra sigillata and Raku using bismuth (gold) and copper glazes, on larger vessels with a twist. I do a range of Lapis blue and red Iron Stoneware bowls and vases.’

The technique and glazes for her stoneware range are first a bisque firing, then glazed in a copper oxide mixtures this creates a lapis blue colours, for the rich red colours she uses an iron oxide glaze. The rims are often in a golden, bronze colour.