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Iron Resin Garden Sculpture

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L 33 x W 28 x H 21 cm

Andrew worked for many years as a veterinary surgeon so it was perhaps inevitable that when he started sculpture his preferred subjects would be animals. It was partly due to his familiarity with their anatomy but more than that it was a reflection of the connections he had made with so many diverse species in different environments on an almost spiritual level. Even the humblest of animals in the least enriching circumstances displays a personality. He never completes a sculpture unless he feels it projects the character of the living subject to the viewer.

Andrew initially studied with Les Johnson in Surrey and then, after moving to Gloucestershire, with Guy Woodford and Val Adamson. He mostly models in clay, with an armature if necessary, for moulding and then casting in resin. Most of his work is intended for outdoor display so is life-size or larger. He favours iron resin because it lends itself well to animal subjects and each cast matures in an interesting and unique way. Editions are limited to about 24.