Unique Wire Acacia Tree 


Unique Wire Acacia Tree

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Unique Wire Acacia Tree

in mixed metal wires on a wooden base

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The wooden base the tree stands on is 24 x 22 x 5 cm

Height of Acacia tree on base 29 cm

Helene has lived for the past 30 years in Gloucestershire but originally hails from the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. Her love of trees started young, along with a joy in gardening in general.
Her work delights in the natural architecture of the tree, unadorned and made in raw metal wire these forms are easy to see and appreciate. Her particular love of the Windswept form has been explored on multiple occasions and is one of her most popular subjects. Helene feels that this form is seen in a multitude of variations in every region of the UK from the far north of Scotland to the far south of Cornwall. It always evokes comment and pleasure in those who view it. Often the comments are along the lines of ‘you can almost hear the wind’…and this is what she strives to depict.
Her technique was developed in isolation and produces work unlike any other wire trees ….these sculptures have a fluidity and movement that lends itself to the garden sculpture market as they move naturally in the wind and seem to be alive.