‘Vintage Family’


‘Vintage Family’

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‘Vintage Family’

Recycled Vintage Tools

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H 26.5 x D 11.2 x W 15 cm

Showing in our Summer Exhibition 2021  ‘Sweet Summertime’ opening on Saturday July 10 

Having originally trained as a mechanic in the local garage in Pembridge it became apparent that it was the welding side of village garage life that interested him.
 This eventually led him to starting his own fabrication business 6 years ago.
 Barry has recently been making time for his artistic side to show, producing sculptures on the theme of our “Sweet Summertime” exhibition.
 Although not being the easiest material to work with Barry uses stainless steel for the majority of his work. Inspired by the challenge of turning what can often start as a pile of discarded sheet metal offcuts into a beautiful unique sculpture.