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‘Dance of Spring’ the Spring Exhibition 2018

‘Dance of Spring’ the Spring Exhibition 2018 at Old Chapel Gallery opens on Sunday March 4th and continues to the end of April.

Encompassing a unique collection of hand picked, desirable, contemporary British fine art and craft including paintings, textiles, sculpture, ceramics, jewellery and automata.Each piece inspired by nature and the awakening of Spring,  we hope this latest exhibition strikes a heartening mood of optimism.

Artist Sue Hayden is featuring in our Spring Exhibition with a glorious new collection of  seascapes painted whilst on location in Pembrokeshire. Sue is excited by the relationship between texture, shape, light and space in landscapes and paints with acrylics and pastels on paper that have been layered up beforehand with paint and paper creating a collage effect. This adds energy, randomness and interest to the subject. Her work is created from sketches and notes based on her impressions of what she is looking at and feeling. She rarely refer to photographs.

Ceramacist Ruth Gibson combines her love of photography, printmaking and ceramics, to create dramatic and bold screen-printed bowls and wall art in black and white, as well as soft greens and blues.
Porcelain has a warm soft quality, reflecting light, and when polished, the surface is very tactile, which particularly lends itself to jewellery making and small delicate bowls.

Mono-prints by Helen Cass, new to the gallery, born in Ludlow, Helen explores variations of deceptively simple abstracts made from criss-crossed lines in ink creating shimmering concoctions of blacks, whites and greys. She has used both digital and camera-less photography, as well as printmaking techniques such as dry-point etching and monotype to create her minimalist works of art. For this exhibition she has based her work on plant life and introduced some colour. Her work will be available framed and unframed.

Jane Charles glass blower, creates a wide range of exquisite sculptural pieces, perfume bottles, paperweights, bowls and vases. Each piece is unique, free blown in 24% lead glass. Once cooled the glass is cut, ground, polished, sandblasted and engraved by hand.

We will be showing new collections of interesting automata and jewellery to compliment this exhibition alongside new collections of ceramics by our favourite potters!

This exhibition continues until the end of April. The gallery is open daily. 11 am – 5 pm and Sundays from 11am – 4pm. Tuesday’s by appointment
‘Dance of Spring’ the Spring Exhibition 2018      Acrylic and pastel Original painting ‘Thrift'     Acrylic and pastel Original painting ‘Gorse Everywhere.......and Wind’    ‘Dance of Spring’ the Spring Exhibition 2018

‘Dance of Spring’ the Spring Exhibition 2018      ‘Dance of Spring’ the Spring Exhibition 2018      ‘Dance of Spring’ the Spring Exhibition 2018     ‘Dance of Spring’ the Spring Exhibition 2018