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‘Gathering Swallows’ Autumn and h.Art Exhibition 2017 Opens on Saturday September 9

A special exhibition combining h.Art and Autumn 2017 entitled  ‘Gathering Swallows’ opens on Saturday September 9 at Old Chapel Gallery, Pembridge, promoting the work of talented British artists and makers from around the county and beyond.

Tamsin Abbott creates beautiful stained glass panels. The old world of Britain runs through her veins. Her adult life has been shaped by her determination to live in the countryside and to discover its ancient magic. Today most of her work is influenced by the Herefordshire countryside around her home, the orchards, the hills, the woods and all the plants, birds and animals that grow and live their.

Jenna Fry paper-cuts With hand-drawn and hand-cut designs, Jen is making a success of her mixed media artworks. Although Jen has no formal training in art & design, her flora and fauna inspired subjects are beautifully executed and have an aura of subtle cosmos.

Glass engraver, Nancy Sutcliffe, engraves and hand gilds using 24 ct Gold Leaf on optical crystal glass cubes and vessels. This work is part of a new collection focussing on the natural world, both actual and imaginary. The clarity of optical crystal is the perfect canvas for this detailed work and the precious oil gilded gold leaf serves to accentuate the fragile beauty of the subject.

Rachel Wright textiles Rachel takes her inspiration from many sources including landscapes and seascapes, wildlife, harbour towns, boats, lighthouses and windmills. These subject matter are then translated in machine embroidered fabric collages, using vibrant threads, worked onto carefully cut and pieced fabrics.

Artist and jeweller Hannah Willow creates hand painted icons with gold leaf and a range of silver jewellery some of which incorporate 24 ct gold with semi precious stones. Her inspiration comes from the land, wild and free places, stories and folklore, poetry, myth and legend. She strives to capture the hidden memory held within.

Kathie Barrs, felt maker, creates functional and decorative pieces with an array of texture, vibrant coloured wools are marbled together with plant fibres like silk. These unusual designs are a never-ending exploration of a dynamic process, in which there are so many variables. Her range includes bags, hats, rugs and scarves.  Jeweller Chrissie Nash creates pieces in silver and gold and semi precious stones. She will be showing a new collection of silver and gold earrings, cuffs, bangles and necklaces.

This exhibition will run till the end of October 2017.
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