Acrylic Original By The Red Moon


‘By The Red Moon’

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Acrylic Original By The Red Moon

Acrylic on board

40 x 40 cm including contemporary white frame and silver gold slip.

Image 24 x 25 cm

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Including Uk delivery £595

Amanda has been creating artwork since 2000, and she loves every moment of an artist’s life.  Coming from an artistic and creative family, she grew up with the abundance of wonderful colour, pattern, music and musings.

Amanda’s paintings are a rich tapestry of colour, fairytale, myth and legend. Inspired by the magical and mysterious tales she has been reading and studying since childhood and the enchanting English countryside where she has lived all her life. The colours she uses in each piece of art portrays the mood and essence of a tale that has been told through the centuries, but with a contemporary twist.

“My home is 2 minutes walk away from a beautiful woodland that I love to explore and go for my dawn walks.  This time of day, just as the blackbirds start to sing, is my favourite time for strolling through the woodland of oaks, beech and birch. Wild flowers such as bluebells fill the woods with a heavenly hue in the Spring and the wild life is busy raising their young. All of the seasons here fill me with inspiration and dreams for painting. While walking in this magical place, I’m in the company of deer, crows, a fox or two, sometimes a glimpse of badgers and hares speeding across the open fields from the woodland edge with a swoop of a flying owl over head. Whilst on these walks, I feel as if I’m in a fairy-tale. Much of my inspiration for paintings comes from this place”