Monkey Puzzles on Hergest Ridge


Monkey Puzzles on Hergest Ridge

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Monkey Puzzles on Hergest Ridge

40 x 50 cm

Hand Painted Glass Panel

Ready to hang.

Collect from gallery £175

Including UK delivery £210

Debbie was born in Herefordshire. Whilst at senior school she was inspired by her art teacher, Peter Horrocks, to follow her love of drawing and designing.
Her head was always full of inventive ideas and she decided to study Graphic Design at Herefordshire College of Art.

Many years later, having had two beautiful daughters, fate led her to working on a commission to design the interior of a restaurant.
Instead of painting the walls she designed dramatic glass partitions and that was the start of her specializing in painting on glass.

Years later, Debbie remarried and moved to a black and white cottage with views across the Malvern hills and this has inspired her to start creating a range of toughened hanging glass designs. The rolling hills, landscapes and swirly trees are all an inspirational to her and appear in her hand glass hangings which she creates using glass paints. All her hangings are one offs and she paints free hand with no firm plan of design, the content evolves and develops.

Debbie is happy to create anything on glass in almost any size. Landscapes, seascapes, your favourite walk ( Like the monkey puzzles on Hergest Ridge). She includes hares, whippetts, pheasants, whoopee birds, olive trees…the list is endless.
Please contact the gallery if you would like to know what we have in stock or what you would like to commission. We can handle that for you.