‘Berry Gift’


‘Berry Gift’

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‘Berry Gift’

Limited edition linocut and screen print

43 x 32.5cm

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For the past 33 years since training in Fine Art at Leicester Polytechnic and specialising in printmaking at Nottingham Trent University, Angela has continued her own fine art practice, as well as working professionally within the arts and raising a family.

She has lived in Rutland (the smallest county in the UK) since 1988. She first arrived in the county as Artist in Residence at Uppingham School and has lived there ever since. For the past 10 years Angela has worked solely at her art practice in the village of Wing – which is very apt for a women inspired by birds. Her studio is at the bottom of the garden and houses all she needs to make her work, including a recently acquired Rochat Albion press. The studio overlooks sheep fields surrounded by gentle sloping hills. It’s not a dramatic landscape but somehow a comforting one and to her feels very much like home. The Rutland countryside does have a wealth of animal and bird life that is a constant inspiration for her work. Rutland Water is just over the ridge which attracts a great diversity of bird life that is world renowned.

Angela says: “I have a great love of line and try as I might to be more economical with them there are always a lot, the mark making that is possible through line always excites me. I am not naturally a patient person, but I can sit for hours creating each block. To add colours to the work I use hand cut paper stencils that are then used with a silkscreen mesh. The combination of water and oil based inks gives the work a quality of both softness and clarity. Through most of my work is done through many hours of working alone I also enjoy working within a studio environment and I have been lucky enough to be invited to work both at The Curwen and Penfold Press. This approach of working collaboratively brings a new dimension to the work which is always exciting.”