‘Blue and Yellow Bird’


‘Blue and Yellow Bird’

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‘Blue and Yellow Bird’

Stained glass bird – ready to hang

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H 6.6 x L 14.5 x D .7 cm

As an artist, Lilly finds her inspiration in the rich tapestry of human mythology and the boundless intricacies of the natural world. She works in the traditional storytelling medium of stained glass to create mythical scenes. With its luminous translucence and timeless beauty, stained glass offers the perfect medium for Lilly to express the narratives and aesthetics that have captivated her imagination for years.

She draws inspiration from the folklore of diverse cultures, from the haunting tales of European folklore to the vivid myths of Asia. Through her use of the tiffany technique and sgraffito illustration, she aims to capture the essence of these tales.

Stained glass is a medium that transcends time, inviting us to slow down and immerse ourselves in the contemplation of beauty and symbolism. In each piece she creates, Lilly hopes to inspire a sense of wonder and a renewed connection to the world around us.