‘Blues’ Pure Wool Unisex Stripy Sweater


‘Blues’ Pure Wool Unisex Stripy Sweater

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‘Blues’ Pure Wool Unisex Stripy Sweater

90% wool, 10% silk.

Made in Scotland

Long sleeved high crew neck. Reverse 12 row Stripe

Blue John/Cobalt


Chest: 52cm

Length at back: 72 cm

Cuff to armpit sleeve length 49 cm

More colours available, please enquire.

Collect from gallery, £88

Including UK delivery, £98

Cool hand wash only.

Established in 1981 in East Lothian, Scott Officer designs and manufactures high quality knitwear for both men and women using the latest computerised production systems.  All garments are hand framed and hand finished and are created in Scotland using yarns consisting of predominantly natural fibres.

The hint of silk in the weave makes these jumpers feel soft without taking away the thickness.