‘Farmhouse in the Usk Valley’

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‘Farmhouse in the Usk Valley’

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‘Farmhouse in the Usk Valley’

Original Oil on Canvas

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50 x 60 cm oil on thick framed canvas

“This painting is inspired by a  bus journey I used to take every day from Monmouth to Art College in Newport where I was taking  my Foundation course. It’s a memory so isn’t accurate but it’s based on the views around the village of Llanllywel just south of Usk , on the way to Llantrisant. The hills in the background are part of Wentwood Forest. It was a really slow journey around all the villages but I loved looking at the views and they’ve stuck in my mind.”

Lynda was born in Sunderland in 1970, settling in Monmouth in the early 1980’s, where she has lived ever since. She studied Art Foundation at Newport College of Art & Design, followed by a degree in Visual Art at The University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

She worked for a number of years in a non art related business, always painting in her spare time. In 2007 she finally gave up her day job and started painting full time.

Her canvases are mostly depictions of landscapes in the Monmouth area – the final image often bears little relation to the original subject but all have a common starting point – the memory of a place she knows well.