Pen, ink and gouache


The Fifth Flying Hare…

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Pen, ink and gouache original painting

The Fifth Flying Hare…

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Image 43 x 43.5 cm

66.5 x 67.5 cm including 2 cm wide oak frame

David is a working printmaker / painter / sculptor of over thirty years experience. Working from his studio in a rural Welsh village.

David produces a range of finely detailed rural landscape, livestock and market character studies capturing the everyday sights and scenes that make Wales unique.

He is also slightly obsessed with images depicting the Hare…!

All David’s etchings are hand printed in his studio using traditional “Intaglio”print making methods unchanged in over 400 years.

David was born in Nottingham in 1955, following his A-Level studies he went on to study art and design at Loughborough College of Education from 1974 to 1977 where he was introduced to various media.. ceramics, sculpture, and original printmaking processes.. such as screen-printing, lino-cut and lithography.

It was during this time that he first developed an interest in the traditional copperplate acid etching process which he went on to choose as the preferred medium for his work.

After leaving college, deciding that being an artist took precidence over being an art teacher. He briefly worked for the civil service (H.M. Customs & Excise) before deciding to pursue a career as a professional artist in 1980 specialising in etching. Throughout the 1980’s he developed a reputation for himself as a highly skilled etcher and had his work accepted to numerous art galleries. His influences during this period included sixties pop art and culture, Pablo Picasso, Henry Moore and Samuel Palmer.