‘Pines’ Box

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‘Pines’ Box

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‘Pines’ Box

10 square sections and 1 long section.

Jewellery box

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H 7.5 x L 26 x W 16.8 cm

Using a combination of enamels, veneers, semi-precious stones or glass Maria creates jewelllery, mirrors, boxes, photo frames and decorative panels.  Some of Maria’s commissioned work is for large mirrors with decorative pewter surrounds. No two pieces are exactly alike as no casting or pressing is involved. Each piece has been worked individually from her own designs.

Pewter and Silver foil are a relatively new innovation and its malleability enables quite intricate repoussé and chase techniques to be used. Modern pewter contains no lead and is made up of 91% Tin, 1.5% Antimony and 7.5% Copper.

Much of the inspiration for her designs comes from the natural world and the flexibility of pewter enables her  to recreate the beauty of nature in every small detail. Pewter has an enduring quality and since it does not oxidise, it requires no other care than an occasional dust. Member of the Association of British Pewter Craftsmen.

Pewter has an enduring quality and since it does not oxidise. It requires no other care than an occasional dust. Please don’t use any chemicals just the breath from your mouth and a duster.

This Box is handcrafted from the root of the Thuya Tree and expertly french polish finished to enhance the full character of this exquisite burr.

Thuya is a small scrub-like conifer highly prized for its root. The unique quality lies in its knot configuration resembling a cross between Walnut Burr and Birds Eye Maple, making the wood dense and difficult to work. Oil of Thuya is well known and highly regarded in the field of homeopathy and is used as a remedy for skin complaints. 

Thuya is a variety of fast growing conifer farmed under government licence with respect to the environment. 

Simple dusting should be all that is necessary, but should you clean the wood use a way based furniture polish. As with any wooden product, it is best kept away from conditions of extreme heat or damp.