‘Short Eared Owl Roundel’


‘Short Eared Owl Roundel’

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‘Short Eared Owl Roundel’

Stained Glass

Hand Painted Stained Glass Panel with 22 Carat Gold Leaf and Silver Leaf

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∅ 13 cm

Showing in our Summer Exhibition 2024  

‘Sunlight on the Garden’ opening on Saturday 6th July

Jane makes stained glass art works that have multi layered, painted images. She is inspired by the nature, history and folklore of her home in the Peak District. The glass is hand painted using traditional glass paints, often using many layers and textures that are fired in the kiln. Jane is a member of the ‘British Society of Master Glass Painters’ and the ‘Contemporary Glass Society’.

Back in the 80’s Jane studied Fine Art at Ravenbourne College of Art. Always interested in design and making, she has been working with stained glass since 2004. She now specialises in traditional glass painting to create small panels and architectural commissions.

Jane uses vitreous paint, silver stain or 22 Carat Gold Leaf and enamel to paint on glass which is leaded up into panels in the traditional way. Each piece of glass is painted and fired three or four times building up layers and textures on the glass.

Using age old traditional techniques, she has developed her own contemporary style of working, which is deeply influenced by medieval stained glass, its history and imagery as well as the landscape of the Peak District. An area rich in folklore and tradition, such as well dressing, garlands, giants and stone circles, the Peaks and Dales provides ongoing inspiration for Jane’s narrative.

Stained glass and glass painting are heritage crafts which are in danger of being lost, Jane is very committed to passing on these skills by running regular workshops.