‘Sunny Afternoon’

‘Sunny Afternoon’

Including UK delivery


‘Sunny Afternoon’

Hand painted triptych

Collect from gallery £365

Including UK delivery £395

H 32 x L 41 cm when fully extended

Showing in our Summer Exhibition 2024  ‘Sunlight on the Garden’ opening on Saturday 6th July 2024

Jemima lives with her husband in a beautiful valley set in the Shropshire hills, between the site of an ancient hill-fort and a steep, densely wooded oak forest. She derives much of her inspiration from the surrounding countryside and its wealth of fauna and flora.  Jemima feels compelled to paint and draw every day, her paintings are a celebration of the natural world around us. She works mainly in acrylics which suits her illustrative style and the piece is then varnished. Acrylics are a quick drying and versatile medium which suits her illustrative style. Her panels, boxes and cabinets, which are becoming our heirlooms of the future, have a peaceful air about them and her animals look at ease with themselves, happy in their natural surroundings. Jemima’s highly detailed, inspirational designs on furniture, gesso and oak panels are a joyous celebration of our natural world.

“I have always retained a deep nostalgia for the illustrations and stories from my childhood; the “Arts & Crafts” movement and the rich detail of illuminated-manuscripts. I feel so compelled to draw and paint, it is quite simply a vital part of the daily rhythm of my life”