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‘Earthly Delights’ Spring Exhibition 2020

Opens on Sunday March 8th


Encompassing a unique collection of hand picked, desirable, contemporary British fine art and craft including stained glass, acrylics, textile art, ceramics, recycled 3D art, painted wood and silver jewellery. Each piece inspired by nature, we hope this latest exhibition strikes a heartening mood of optimism after a wet and windy start to the year.

Heading the line up by popular demand is Tamsin Abbott. Her work is influenced by the Herefordshire countryside, the orchards, the hills, the woods and all the plants, birds and animals that grow and live. Tamsin works on mainly British made mouth blown glass, in fabulous colours.

New to the gallery is artist Jane Winton who has a great love of antique American folk art. She is fascinated by the symbolism and simplicity of the work and the overall naive charm they convey. Her work often encompasses a range of decorative media, including cloth, wood and paper.

Artist Jemima Jameson paints in acrylics on both gessoed and oak or olive wood panels and also enjoys painting cabinets and boxes which have a practical purpose. Her desire to paint and draw has been part of her whole life and is quite simply a celebration of the natural world that she is compelled to describe. She is particularly influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement and medieval illuminated manuscripts and this comes through in her paintings.

Hannah Willow artist and jeweller creates gorgeous hand crafted silver jewellery, combining semi-precious stones with mythical tales of nature. We will also be showing some of Hannah’s captivatingly original artwork, some of which will be hand embellished with Gold Leaf. Hannah lives surrounded by hills and ancient places, carved white hill horses and rings of standing stones. Her inspiration comes from the land, wild and free places, stories and folklore, poetry, myth and legend. 

Rachael Blakeway creates 3D art from recycled and found objects. She enjoys both the freedom and challenge of up-cycling and recycling everyday materials and found objects into quirky mixed media pictures.  A used scouring pad can be hair or smoke for a chimney and sweet wrappers become curtains or head scarves.  The unwanted and discarded has a new lease of life. 

Textile artist and felt maker, Kathie Barrs has been busy creating new delights for Old Chapel Gallery, including scarves and bags in lambs wool and Nuno felted merino wool with silk fibres and some new framed landscape pictures. 

Finally two potters complete the line up. Potter Martin Everson Davis has a fascination with the power of fire on clay and when clay, heat and smoke interact, the effects can be dramatic. The surfaces of his burnished pots don’t wear a coat hiding the clay from view, but, instead, feel warm and soft to the touch, yielding their true nature and character.  Paul Taylor creates contemporary smoke fired ceramics uses thin slabs of textured terracotta to create vessels with interesting configurations, surfaces and textures. His aim is to transform very simple materials into pottery that has its own distinctive characteristic – a classical and timeless quality.

We have also just taken delivery of a fantastic new collection of Premium limited edition prints by Jackie Morris. Hand finished with either ‘silver’ or ‘gold’ leaf.

‘Stained Glass panel 'She brings the Dawn'
‘Stained Glass panel ‘She brings the Dawn’
Original Acrylic Folk Art
Original Acrylic Folk Art
Burnished Pit Fired Ceramics
Burnished Pit Fired Ceramics
Premium Print “Silvered Song”
Premium Print “Silvered Song”