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‘Glorious Awakening’ Autumn & h.Art Exhibition 2021

Glorious Awakening’ h.Art and Autumn Exhibition at Old Chapel Gallery, Pembridge opens on Saturday  September 4 promoting the work of talented British artists and makers from around the county and beyond.

Heading the line up will be a tempting collection of stained glass from ever popular artist Tamsin Abbott whose work is influenced by our ancient land and how we are connected to it: the hills, the woods, the plants, birds and animals that live alongside us and the world of myths and fairytales that we have spun around it.

New to the gallery is jeweller Ali Tregaskes who combines her love of photography with her metal work using her images of nature, architecture and coast to create the etchings. Techniques she employs include silver etching, oxidising, saw piercing, soldering and granulation. Ali creates jewellery that appeals to both men and women.

Another new comer to the gallery is printmaker Sarah Jameson, a Shropshire based artist working in a variety of media, including photography, traditional and digital drawing, collage and mono-printing. She is inspired by her local landscape  – the hills, steep-sided valleys and woods, as well as its proximity to her home country of Wales.

Textile artist Barbara Shaw hand-stitches many scraps of fabric in layers to produce exquisite, unique textile collage pictures. During the week of h.Art, Barbara will be demonstrating how she puts together her amazing textile collage pictures.

Karin Celestine is an artist and author, who creates needle felted animals of charm and character, including the stars of her own delightful stop-motion animations and her series of children’s books.

Her joy in the natural world is reflected in her sculptural copper pieces which complement her felt-work.

Ceramic artist Helen Martino is fascinated by body language and how it communicates. In her ceramic sculptures the exaggerated and stylised movements of the silent movies have seemed a natural way to portray communication and narrative as the sculptures depict moments in the everyday life of people. Helen works on a series of pieces within a single narrative, each successive sculpture expressing the story in a different way through a change in scale, movement, composition or colour.

Mary Stephens loves working with clay, mainly producing fine thrown stoneware and porcelain on the potter’s wheel. Her work is often part glazed which allows the tactile quality of the fired piece to be explored as well as giving a subtle design. Mary grew up in Leominster and trained as a potter at Pembridge Terracotta after completing a Fine Art Sculpture degree in 1997.

Also showing will be a collection of art work by Jemima Jameson who works mainly in acrylics. She enjoys painting onto wooden panels, bowls and furniture which suits her style.

To compliment this exhibition there will be jewellery from several Herefordshire designers including  Rachel Bailey, Leoma Drew, Hilary Mee, Chrissie Nash, Lesley Strickland, Gail Klevan and more.

This exhibition will run till the end of October 2021