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Summer Exhibition 2021 ‘Sweet Summertime’

The Summer Exhibition ‘Sweet Summertime’ will open on Saturday July 10. Ever hopeful for good news on the Covid-19 front this exhibition will remain online even though we are able to welcome you through our doors once again. This exhibition will feature an exciting collection of new work from talented British artists and makers from far and near and promises, once again, to inspire and entice collectors and appreciators of fine art and quality craft. 

Artist Linda Edwards has developed a passion for gold leaf, which can ‘illuminate’ a painting. Working mainly in watercolour or gouache on paper, she inscribes pattern and a texture drawn into the gold that tells another part of the story, She aims to create a modern yet timeless fragment. Her paintings are rooted in ancient culture but have a contemporary feel. They are a modern expression of something very old.

Frans Wesselman, who is originally from the Netherlands, is a member of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers. Influenced by many things including biblical writings, Shakespeare and literature, Frans’ main subjects are people and his work is intriguing and expressive, revealing a very unique style which is explored in varied media including stained glass panels, vivid wood cuts and detailed etchings.

Martin Truefitt-Baker, trained as a graphic artist and illustrator, now produces original paintings in acrylics and watercolour and hand printed, limited edition, linocut prints. Some of his original prints show links to his earlier work as an illustrator, often with quirky themes and combinations of images, expressing the spirit and beauty in the changing light, landscape and wildlife.

Jemima Jameson works mainly in acrylics preferring to paint onto wooden panels, bowls and furniture as it suits her style. Her desire to paint and draw has been part of her whole life and is quite simply a celebration of the natural world that she is compelled to describe. 

Rosemarie Barr is influenced by prehistoric and indigenous art, and in particular the historical and contemporary art of South America, her main interest is the depiction of animals, birds and humans as vessels.

Helen Martino, for many years a functional potter making batches of domestic pots on the wheel, now describes her current creations as ‘serious, posh and frivolous’ Her sculptures are hand built individually and each is considered separately. They are intimate in size and, like miniatures, tell of a single moment or event and yet imply a past and future story to be filled in by the viewer.

Barry Williams artistic metal work in stainless steel has created several interior pieces. 

Since 2012 Alison Vincent has trained through individual tuition, studio-hire and masterclasses.  In 2018 she changed career to immerse herself in glass making. She creates substantial, sculptural art.  Her inspiration comes from nature; water, ice, coasts, waves, oceans as well as polar wilderness locations and the amazing life, beauty and treasures they contain.

Kathryn O’Kell’s carved relief panels in English lime make use of traditional hand-carving techniques, coloured with watered down acrylic paints, layered and rubbed back. She occasionally depicts other wildlife but birds are clearly her passion and are beautifully observed. Often images are cropped and only glimpses of the bird are seen, as if in passing. 

Our aim from the beginning has been to promote the work of British contemporary artists and makers, some already well known in their field and many talented newcomers. Now in our 32nd year, this continues as strongly as ever. The exhibition will continue until the end of August 2021