Freestanding Clock  Running Dog


Running Dog

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Freestanding Clock  Running Dog

Leaping hare freestanding clock in oxidised copper and brass.

W 11  x H 13.5 cm

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Penny has been designing and making jewellery and metalwork since finishing a degree course in Jewellery Design at Birmingham’s School of Jewellery.

Over the last 30 years the business has operated successfully from Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter, where all the specialist facilities are available o the doorstep. Her original inspiration came from her own cat ‘Colin’ who became her first muse many years ago. Since then she has added many creatures to her portfolio including dogs, garden birds and all sorts of critters from the surrounding countryside and hedgerow. She develops an understanding of their shape and form through drawing and photography and creates designs that capture their character. She has produced a wide range of jewellery, handcrafted in silver and non-precious metals, using techniques such as casting, acid etching and patination. Using these designs, she also makes a series of clocks from a mixture of copper and brass. Each one is individually created using acid etching and heat colouring techniques to produce a unique finished piece.