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‘Snapdragon Solstice’

Summer Exhibition at Old Chapel Gallery

The Summer Exhibition at Old Chapel Gallery, Pembridge, entitled ’Snapdragon Solstice’ opens on Sunday July 10 2016 and will feature an exciting collection of work by talented British contemporary artists and makers, some of which will be new to the gallery.

This exhibition promises, once again, to inspire and excite collectors and appreciators of fine art and quality craft.

We will be showing the work of several artists new to the gallery, one of whom
moved to painting after a twenty year career in large scale garden ceramics and was originally led by a love of colours and evocative names on paint tubes; alizarin crimson, cerulean blue, viridian and carmine, stretching her own canvases in a traditional way using raw linen, fixed with tacks and sized with rabbit skin glue.

Several of our artists have recently been featured on BBC Countryfile and one of these will be showing a delightful range of colourful watercolours, mainly of birds and hares.

Returning to the gallery by popular demand is one of our best selling gallery artists from Shropshire who will be showing a new collection of painted wooden boxes and oak panels. She includes intricate detail in her artwork, combining birds, hares, fishes and foxes with wildflowers and hedgerow berries.

We will also be showing a new collection of beautiful nature inspired papercuts all with a dash of magic, hand drawn and hand cut illustrations.
Nature lover Jen lives in the Welsh mountains, where the stunning scenery and miles of wilderness provides her with constant inspiration for her work.

Last but not least we will be showing a gorgeous range of summery ceramics in a vivid turquoise glaze, highlighted with copper carbonate and over glazed with a satin white glaze. These are hand built from a variety of stoneware clays and include slab built bottles, reminiscent of human forms having defined shoulders and narrow necks. The finished pieces are light and elegant. The coiled bottles are spherical in form, but each one is completely different due to the nature of the construction method.
The glazes and decorations are then added to evoke landscapes, seascapes and marks found in the landscape.

Our aim from the beginning has been to promote the work of British contemporary artists and makers, some already well known in their field and many talented new comers. Now in our 27th year, this continues as strongly as ever.

Snapdragon Solstice
‘Birthday Flowers’ original watercolour


‘Blackbird’ Original watercolour


Snapdragon Solstice
‘Hare and Butterfly’ hand made wooden cupboard painted in acrylics.


Paper cut Illustrations


Snapdragon Solstice
Slab built stoneware bottles.