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Hay Festival Exhibition 2016

Hay Festival Exhibition 2016 at Old Chapel Gallery

A special Festival Exhibition at Old Chapel Gallery, Pembridge to run during the Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts opens on Saturday May 28th and continues to the end of June and features the work of talented British artists and makers from far and near.

Acrylic on Canvas

Heading the line up is artist Karen from West Wales.
Karen’s work reflects the landscape around her home town of Aberystwyth. Using tone and colour, each painting explores the meeting of different elements such as town and sea or land and sky through changing times of day, weather or seasons.

Artist Michelle,  a painter inspired by colour and nature and who was featured artist on BBC Countryfile recently will be showing a collection of limited edition giclee prints alongside some original paintings of her very colourful birds and hares.

New to the gallery is ceramicist Shaun,  who has been working in Raku since 1998. He has developed a personal style of decorative/ sculptural ceramics based on the vessel form and exhibited his work world wide. He is well known for using the Copper Matte fuming technique as well as lustrous copper glazes. Each work is hand made and unique.

Raku Fired Sculptural Stoneware

Also new to the gallery is artist and jeweller Hannah Willow whose inspiration comes from the land, wild and free places, stories and folklore, poetry, myth and legend. She strives to capture the hidden memory held within.

Acrylic, pencil & 22ct gold    Silver Hare Pendant
Another new comer is potter Fleen Doran with a collection of wood-fired salt glazed pottery both useable and collectable. She make pots that both enhance and are enhanced by food. Doran enjoys the earthy warmth of the colours that emerge from wood firing and the way in which the salt glaze enhances the simple patterns. Fired to stoneware her pots are durable and intended for daily use.

Wood fired salt glaze pottery

A regular favourite at the gallery is CPA potter David Frith. His reputation is well established and with his mastery of the potter’s wheel he makes majestic pieces decorated with his personal style of waxed motifs under heavy reduction over-glazes and glaze trailing. He shares the pottery with his wife Margaret and they have just celebrated 50 years of potting. Hard work and commitment underlie this unique partnership.

There is always an ever-changing collection of unique garden sculptures to enhance your outdoor space in a variety of media to include stoneware, forged iron, stainless steel, glass and more.