‘A Years Turning’ Winter Exhibition 2020

calendarCreated with Sketch. Date: 7th November - 31st January 2021
Opening Times: Wednesday to Saturday 11 - 4.30
Location: Old Chapel Gallery Pembridge HR6 9HB

Winter Exhibition 2020 at Old Chapel Gallery, Pembridge ‘A Years Turning’ opens on Saturday November 7 with a dazzling collection of hand picked, hand made delights! Give the High Street a miss this Christmas and shop for unique British made presents in the calm and tranquil atmosphere of the gallery. Enjoy a truly delightful shopping experience. Read more here

Linda Edwards

Our featured artist Linda Edwards paints in watercolour on paper of birds and animals set in jewel like colours with gold leaf, they tell the story of a paradise garden. Rich in detail and patterning, these pieces illuminate a room. We mostly live in cities where we might long for an enclosed garden in which to find an hour of sunlit peace. Birds inhabit the garden and it is filled with trees and flowers. The garden as paradise: this is Linda’s theme. Her work has a timeless quality that is rooted in ancient art yet is very contemporary.

View Linda’s painting here

Kathryn O’Kell

Woodcarver Kathryn O’Kell creates carved wood relief panels in English lime making use of traditional hand-carving techniques to depict mainly birds. She occasionally depicts other animals or fish but birds are clearly her passion and are beautifully observed. Often images are cropped and only glimpses of the bird are seen, as if in passing. Colour is achieved with watered down acrylic paints, layered and rubbed back.

View Kathryn’s carved wood reliefs here

Hannah Willow

Hannah Willow will be showing her latest collections of silver jewellery and watercolour paintings. Hannah finds the landscape of the British Isles, and Wiltshire in particular, very inspiring. This combined with her love of poetry and British Folklore means her work is full of animals, hills, woodlands, primeval places, moons stars and constallations. She triers to instil a feeling of place, of time and of magic in her work, connecting to the hidden knowledge held within the land and passed down through generations.

‘Guardians of the Winter Solstice’
‘Guardians of the Winter Solstice’

View Hannah’s artwork here and jewellery here

Rachel Wright

Textile artist Rachel Wright will be showing new machine embroidery pictures. Rachel takes her inspiration from many sources including landscapes and seascapes, wildlife, harbour towns, boats, lighthouses and windmills. These subject matter are then translated in machine embroidered fabric collages, using vibrant threads, worked onto carefully cut and pieced fabrics.

'Textile Embroidery 'Winter Lights'
‘Textile Embroidery ‘Winter Lights’

View Rachels textile embroidery here More arriving over the coming weeks

Suzie Thompson

Suzi Thompson is a printmaker based in South Yorkshire working with collagraph, drypoint & relief printing processes to create limited edition prints. Her printmaking reflects her impressions of the natural landscapes surrounding her home and studio; inspired by the accessible open countryside of her local surroundings, British wildlife and flora.

View Suzi’s Collagraphs and Drypoint here

Hannah Dunne

Hannah makes contemporary jewellery and silverware. Taking inspiration from her travels Hannah’s work is inspired by vast landscapes and natures tiny details. Her designs are developed through the making process working intuitively with the materials and tools. The form and textural finish of each piece are developed with careful thought and great consideration is given to balance, composition and pattern. Working with traditional hammering techniques sculptural silverware is formed from flat silver sheet using hollowing, hand raising, planishing and chasing. Each piece of work is crafted by hand and finished using hammers and tools that Hannah has adapted and personalised herself creating surface textures that are unique to her pieces.

View Hannah’s Jewellery and Silverware here

Jennifer Hall

Jennifer graduated from Cardiff Institute of Higher Education in 1994, then moved to Carmarthen to work for Pru Green at Gwili Pottery for eighteen months, during which time she learnt production throwing and slip decorating techniques such as sponging and brush work. In 1997 she moved to Buckinghamshire to establish her first studio pottery, then on to Wales in 2001, setting up a studio in Llanwrthwl for 17 years. During May 2018 she relocated to Trefin on the North Pembrokeshire coast where she now lives. Jennifer uses a geared kick wheel and electric kilns to make slip decorated earthenware for oven and table use. “I use very traditional making techniques to create contemporary slipware, the aim of the work is to enhance the daily rituals of refreshment and mealtimes. As a maker of domestic ware, I do not want my pots to challenge, but to sit comfortably in the hand and feel soft on the lips.”

Jennifer’s ‘Circles’ Design

View Jennifer’s pottery here

Rachael Blakeway Recycled Art

Unique Christmas decorations to ‘deck the halls’ and lift ones spirits.

Hand made Papier Mâché

View more by Rachael here

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