‘Sunlight on the Garden’ Summer Exhibition

calendarCreated with Sketch. Date: 6th July - 31st August 2024
Opening Times: Open Wednesday to Saturday 11 - 4.30 Sundays 12-4 By appointment on Mondays and Tuesdays
Location: Old Chapel Gallery, Pembridge, HR6 9HB
‘Seven Trees’ Oil on Canvas

The Summer Exhibition ‘Sunlight on the Garden’ at Old Chapel Gallery, Pembridge, will open on Saturday July 6th, continuing through the summer of 2024, both online and in the gallery.

This exhibition will feature an exciting collection of new work from talented British artists and makers from far and near and promises, once again, to inspire and entice collectors and appreciators of fine art and quality craft. Featuring Vivienne Luxton, Jemima Jameson, Lynda Jones and more.

Lynda Jones

Artist Lynda Jones’ mysterious oils on canvas and drawings in pen, ink and graphite are mostly depictions of the Monmouthshire landscape, and its rolling hills, that surrounds her. The final image often bears little relation to the original subject but all have a common starting point – the memory of a place she knows well. Even when working on a larger scale, a tiny detail, such as a soaring kite, will intrigue and draw the viewer in.

‘A Landscape near Builth Wells’ pen, ink and watercolour

Jemima Jameson

Jemima Jameson works mainly in acrylics, preferring to paint onto wooden panels, bowls and furniture as it suits her methods. Her desire to paint and draw has been part of her whole life and is quite simply a celebration of the natural world that she is compelled to describe. Her wooden boxes and cabinets often serve as treasure chests for cherished keepsakes. For this exhibition she has provided some dainty stools, decorated in her signature style.

‘Sunny Afternoon’ Acrylic Triptych

Jane Littlefield

Stained glass artist Jane Littlefield is inspired by the nature, history and folklore of her home in the Peak District and deeply influenced by medieval stained glass. Using age old techniques, she has developed her own contemporary style in which traditional glass paints create multi-layered and textured images on small panels that are then fired in the kiln.

‘Girl with Golden Birds’ Painted glass with 22 Carat Gold and Silver Leaf

Kathryn O’Kell

Kathryn O’Kell has been making woodcarvings for over 30 years. In a methodical, almost meditative process, she transforms her chosen medium, specifically English lime, into carefully sanded and painted pieces. She has only to look out of her shed window and her inspiration – the birds that have always fascinated her – can be found flying past, circling overhead or resting on the woodshed.

‘Diving Kingfisher’ Carved and Painted Wood Relief

Vivienne Luxton

New to the gallery is artist Vivienne Luxton, whose country-focused acrylic paintings feature people engaged in work or at leisure, her love of colour bringing them vividly to life. As the wife of a farmer, she has had many opportunities to sketch farming life, drawing on first hand experience, coloured with imagination and humour. She is also a keen observer of market scenes and their lively interactions.

‘Keeping Promises’ Acrylic

Nicola Lillie

Also new to the gallery is jeweller Nicola Lillie. She is an artist whose mediums include metalwork, painting and writing. Nicola aims to capture flux, flow and temporality through her work. Her contemporary jewellery and silversmithing celebrate life’s transience and comes to life on engagement with its wearer.

Images to follow!

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