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Summer Exhibition 2019 ‘Sunlight on the Garden’’ opens on Sunday July 7 

Our Summer Exhibition brings coastal seascapes to the Herefordshire countryside, ‘Sunlight on the Garden’’ opens on Sunday July 7  2019 and will feature an exciting collection of work by talented British contemporary artists and makers, some of which will be new to the gallery. “Sunlight on the Garden’’ opens on Sunday July 7th 2019 and will feature an exciting collection of work by talented British contemporary artists and makers, some of whom will be new to the gallery. 

This exhibition promises, once again, to inspire and entice collectors and appreciators of fine art and quality craft. 

Returning by popular demand will be artist Sue Hayden who will be showing a new collection of striking seascapes and landscapes in acrylic and charcoal. Excited by the relationship between texture, shape, light and space, she paints with acrylic and pastels in a layered technique, creating a collage effect, adding energy and randomness to her work. 

New to the gallery is fine art printmaker Suzie Thompson who works with collagraph, drypoint & relief printing processes to create limited edition prints inspired by the accessible open countryside of her local surroundings, British wildlife and flora.

In his workshop on the Shropshire Borders, Ralph Jandrell makes a unique range of widely collectable handmade ceramics, decorated with his own designs inspired mainly by plant life. Each pot is either thrown or cast from a thrown original, and hand painted with liquid clay slips.

With a focus on simplicity in natural forms, each piece of Elizabeth Terzza’s jewellery is carefully hand-crafted in her Herefordshire studio. Her deft creations perfectly reflect the loveliness that inspires her. They are a refreshing and elegant mix of subtlety and statement: archetypal forms that celebrate the beauty of nature.

We will also be showing the last few limited edition etchings from artist Anna Ravenscroft before she moves on to explore new artistic directions…watch this space…

There will also be a new collection of Mary Rose Young ceramics which will bring joy to collectors of her work, with her customary exuberant roses and gleaming lustre.

Our aim from the beginning has been to promote the work of British contemporary artists and makers, some already well known in their field and many talented new comers. Now in our 30th year, this continues as strongly as ever. The exhibition will continue until the end of August 2019 


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‘Song Of The Earth’ Spring Exhibition 2019 Opens on Saturday March 2nd

Encompassing a unique collection of hand picked, desirable, contemporary British fine art and craft including watercolours, textile collage, ceramic sculpture, painted wood and silver jewellery. Each piece inspired by nature, we hope this latest exhibition strikes a heartening mood of optimism. 

Heading the line up is self taught textile artist Barbara Shaw, who creates art using fabric like paint to construct her magnificent collage pictures. By hand-stitching or bonding many small pieces of fabric together in layers. She uses patterned and tactile materials in vibrant or subtle colours are useful as well as chiffon ribbons for shading, sparkly fabric for light, lace for intricate detail and tweed for texture all help to bring the artwork alive. 

Textile Collage Sparrow on Branch

Northumberland-based artist, Mary Ann Rogers, paints vibrant watercolour paintings full of energy, from an in-depth knowledge of her subject matter. Her studio is surrounded by the wild hills of Northumberland, whose inhabitants, along with her own menagerie of birds, feature in her work. Mary Ann’s work is highly collectable and she was warded ‘Best selling published artist’ by the  Fine Art Trade Guild in 2009.

Original watercolour  Mixed Tulips

Rhys Partridge Herefordshire painter and printmaker, gained his degree in Fine Arts at University College, Falmouth.

He finds inspiration from his local environment where he is firmly rooted. He focuses on nature, British birds and wildlife.

We will show a collection of hand printed linocuts, all executed with precision and attention to detail.

Jemima Jameson paints in acrylics on wood panels, mainly oak and olive wood and occasionally furniture. Her desire to paint and draw has been part of her whole life and is quite simply a celebration of the natural world that she is compelled to describe.

Karin Celestine, fibre artist, writer and illustrator from Monmouthshire, has created a delightful collection of needle felted creatures from hares to badgers to robins, each one with its own charm, character and mischief. She can happily turn her hand to making all creatures great and small, mythical as well as real. 

Ceramic artist Elaine Peto graduated from Exeter College of Art & Design in 1985, where she studied animals via livestock markets and the abattoir, using the media of photography and drawing to record the structure of the carcass. Each animal is individually made by the process of slab building in clay, rolling out a sheet of clay and forming the body, then gradually adding slab by slab to form the whole animal. The details are then remodelled until the animal is complete. It is then biscuit fired, glazed and re-fired to stoneware.

Finally, no exhibition would be complete without a gorgeous range of jewellery and Hannah Willow has created her new collection of silver jewellery, combining semi-precious stones with mythical tales of nature.

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Hay Festival Exhibition @ Old Chapel Gallery 2018

Hay Festival Exhibition @ Old Chapel Gallery 2018

A special Festival Exhibition at Old Chapel Gallery, Pembridge, to run during the Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts 2018, opens on Thursday May 24, continuing to the end of June and features the work of talented British artists and makers from far and near.

Heading the line up will be artist Jackie Morris, famous for her illustrations in children books and more recently for the award-winning ‘The Lost Words’, in which she collaborated with Robert McFarlane, a collection of ‘spells’ with words from the natural world that the junior Oxford Dictionary had removed…Jackie studied at Hereford College of Arts and at Bath Academy.

There will be a tempting new collection of stained glass from ever popular artist Tamsin Abbott whose work is influenced by our ancient land and how we are connected to it: the hills, the woods, the plants, birds and animals that live alongside us and the world of myths and fairytales that we have spun around it.

Artist and jeweller Hannah Willow, whose inspiration comes from the land, wild and free places, stories and folklore, poetry and myth and legend, strives to capture the hidden memory held within the landscape and spark rememberings that will connect us back to our deepest roots when creating her silver jewellery and mixed media paintings.

Lisa Ellul will be showing a new range of ceramic sculptural vessels. She has always been fascinated by the complex and beautiful natural structures and textures found in plants, bark, seed pods, corals and shells. Lisa studied Three Dimensional Design at the Manchester Metropolitan University specialising in ceramics and then went onto study ceramics at Blaker College in Norway.

Ceramicist Paul Taylor uses ultra thin slabs of white earthenware  to create his latest collection of vessels and jugs that are glazed on the inside in fabulous colours.

There is  an ever-changing  collection of unique garden sculptures to enhance  your outdoor space in a variety of media such as stoneware, forged iron, stainless steel, glass and more including the work of several sculptors new to the gallery.

Hay Festival Exhibition @ Old Chapel Gallery 2018   Hay Festival Exhibition @ Old Chapel Gallery 2018  Hay Festival Exhibition @ Old Chapel Gallery 2018  Hay Festival Exhibition @ Old Chapel Gallery 2018  Hay Festival Exhibition @ Old Chapel Gallery 2018

Hay Festival Exhibition @ Old Chapel Gallery 2018   Hay Festival Exhibition @ Old Chapel Gallery 2018   Hay Festival Exhibition @ Old Chapel Gallery 2018